The origin of our name.
Common film displays at 24 frames per second; a picture says a thousand words.

Real estate video walkthrough:

24Thousand began its life as a specialist videography studio. Throughout the years, people have come and gone, skills have shifted and markets have flowed. Despite having evolved into a provider of premium photography, 24Thousand still offers video development, and it actually complements our photography services (e.g. professional video walkthroughs for real estate).

Imagery, movement, sound, atmosphere, expression. Some things are not so accurately translated but through the media of video.

Whether you want a music video constructed to your existing concepts or would like our creative team to develop a tantalising story for you, we make the entire process a breeze right through to construction of your final video in the formats of your choice. DVD, YouTube, music television, Cinema Display. We’ve done it all.

The world moves faster than ever and sometimes people don’t have time to stop and read. Express your business, education or community message in an easily understood video. Text over, motion graphics, narration. The possibilities are available to you.

Events, profiles, education, music videos. Contact us to see your ideas come to life.